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I was born and raised in Irving, TX. I’m a Freelance Photographer in the North Texas area that specializes in Commercial Automotive & Product Photography. I have been shooting for over 13 years and always looking for new ventures. I love finding cars and listening to the owners’ story of their car and what all they have done to it. I grew up around cars and have always loved hearing the stories behind locating, building and racing them. Photography is my passion, so what better way to live your dream than combining two things that you love a lot. I started photographing cars at local car shows in late 2003 and have traveled to shows all over the US to chase down a story. My first publication was in May 2008 in EuroTuner of a friend’s GTI, which sparked the love of getting cars and owners featured in magazines. I currently work with several international magazines searching for cars and car events to be featured.

I lied, I have one more passion, Watches! The other subject that I cut my teeth on was photographing my watch collection. I would purchase a watch and learn how to set it up and light it correctly, in the bedroom of my old apartment with a desk lamp. These days it’s a bit more elaborate but the passion is still there. It is and always will be something that keeps me up late at night and wakes me before the sun rises. That led me into Product/Food Photography which led me to work with several manufacturers photographing their products to help them with their social media, advertising and marketing their products. Now when working with a product, I try to find what makes this item amazing and build a scene around it to meet my client’s expectations.

Photography is about telling a story with a single image and that single image should be worth at least 999 words, maybe a thousand….

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Jakeb Miller



Myself in my old Studio

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